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Important Questions for DU LLB 2019 : Lok Sabha - 2

Posted By: Admin on 24 MAY 2019

Important Questions from polity Based on Lok Sabha

  • The speaker of the Lok sabha is elected by
    • Ans. All members of Lok sabha
  • The “speaker’s vote” in the Lok sabha is called
    • Ans. Casting vote
  • Who is the Presiding office of the Lok sabha ?
    • Ans. Speaker & Deputy speaker
  • The chairman of which committee is generally from the opposition party
    • Ans. Public Accounts Committee
  • The public Accounts Committee submits its report to
    • Ans. The speaker of the Lok Sabha
  • Which committees exist only in the Lok Sabha not in Rajya Sabha
    • Ans.  a) Committee on Private Members Bill & resolution, b) Estimates Committees
  • Which committees is concerned with the regularity & economy of expenditure of Govt.
    • Ans. Public Accounts committees
  • Which committees is not created by the Speaker’s nomination of members
    • Ans. Committee on Public Undertaking
  • If  a member of parliament voluntarily acquires the citizenship of a foreign country …..
    • Ans. He will be disqualified from membership
  • When the annual Budget is not passed by the Lok Sabha
    • Ans. The prime minister submits the resignation of councils of Ministers
  • What is “Vote -on-account”
    • Ans. It only deals with the expenditure in Govt.’s budget
  • “Vote-on account” permits Union Govt. to —-
    • Ans. Withdraw money from Consolidate Fund of India for specific period
  • What is “Interim Budget”
    • Ans. It includes both expenditure & receipts
  • Who  are entitled to take part in the activities of Lok Sabha with out membership
    • Ans. a) The Comprotroler & auditor general of India, b) The attorney General of India, c) The solicitor General
  • No confidence Motion against the Union council of ministers can be initiated ……
    • Ans. In the Lok sabha only
  • At which stage general discussion on a bill takes places in the Lok sabha ?
    • Ans. During second reading
  • The chairman of Public Accounts Committee is appointed by
    • Ans. Speaker of Lok Sabha
  • Who presides over the joint sitting of the two houses ?
    • Ans. The speaker of the Lok sabha
  • Who calls the joint session of the two Houses of the parliament ?
    • Ans. The speaker of the Lok sabha
  • The speaker of the Lok sbha addresses his letter of resignation to the
    • Ans. Deputy speaker of the Lok sabha
  • Who presides over the Lok sabha when both the speaker’s & the deputy speaker’s offices fall vacant ?
    • Ans. The duties of the office of the speaker are performed by such member of the Lok Sabha as the president may appoint for the purpose . the person so appointed is known as the speaker preterm
  • Who is to certify that any bill is a money bill or not ?
    • Ans. Speaker of Lok sabha
  • Who has the final power to maintain order within the house of People ?
    • Ans. Speaker
  • After a  no confidence motion is admitted to the Lok sabha , who decides a date for the debate
    • Ans. Speaker of Lok sabha
  • Who forms the Advisory Committees of the Parliaments
    • Ans. Speaker of Lok sabha
  • The chairman of the following is designated as
    • Ans. Speaker
  • The function of the Pro-tem Speaker is to
    • Ans. Swearing Members
  • Who is the first speaker of Lok sabha
    • Ans. G V Mavlankar
  • Who was the first speaker to discard the official wig & presided over the House wearing the Gandhi Cap
    • Ans. G V Mavlankar
  • Longest serving speaker of lok sabha
    • Ans. Balram jakhar
  • Who is the first female speaker of Lok Sabha
    • Ans. Meira Kumar
  • Who was the first deputy speaker of Lok Sabha
    • Ans. M Ananthasayanam Ayyangar
  • Who is selected Anglo-Indian community in the Lok Sabha
    • Ans. President
  • The Lok sabha secretariat comes under the direct supervision of
    • Ans. Ministry  of Human affairs
  • The largest committee of Loksabha (Parliament) of India is
    • Ans. Estimate Committee
  • Which parliamentary Committees in India acts as “Watch dog” on departmental expenditure & irregularities ?
    • Ans. Public Account committee
  • When can the speaker exercise his right to vote in the house ?
    • Ans. Only in the event of equality of votes
  • The speaker may be removed …..
    • Ans. By a resolution of the house moved after 14 days clear notice & passed by majority of all the then members of the house
  • The speaker of the Lok sabha can be removed by
    • Ans. A resolution of the Lok Sabha passed by a majority of the members of the House
  • When a resolution for his removal is under consideration , the speaker……
    • Ans. Has a right to speak in the house even though he shall not preside
  • Who fixes the salaries & the allowances of the speaker of Lok Sabha
    • Ans. Parliament

  • Who presides over the Lok Sabha if neither the speaker nor the deputy Speaker is available ?
    • Ans. The senior most member of the Lok sabha
  • When the Lok sabha is dissolved , the speaker continues in office till a new…….
    • Ans. Speaker is elected when the new House meets
  • Who, according to the Anti -defection Act, is the final authority to decide whether a member of Lok Sabha has incurred disqualification due to defection ?
    • Ans. Speaker
  • Who presides over the Lok Sabha when the speaker is absent from the sitting of the house ?
    • Ans. Deputy speaker
  • Bills of which categories can be initiated only in Lok sabha
    • Ans. Money Bill
  • The member of the Lok sabha is elected by the
    • Ans. People
  • No Govt. Expenditure can be incurred in India except with the sanction of
    • Ans. The parliament
  • Which is properly elected house of the Indian parliament
    • Ans. Lok sabha
  • Union Budget is always presented first in
    • Ans. Lok sabha
  • Finance Bill of Indian Govt. is presened in ?
    • Ans. Lok sabha (Lower House)
  • The Union Council of Ministers is collectively responsible to
    • Ans. Lok Sabha
  • Which house is better placed with regard to control over the executive ?
    • Ans. Lok Sabha
  • Why is the Lok sabha called the popular chamber ?
    • Ans. The lok sabah is composed of representive of the people chosen by direct election on the basis of adult suffrage.That is why it is called the popular chamber

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Question Tag - Important for DU LLB Entrance

Posted By: Admin on 08 MAY 2019

Question Tag

Tag Question is a form of short question added after a sentence. Tag question is used to get the confirmation from the listeners. 

Auxiliary verb + not (if sentence is affirmative) + Pronoun of Subject?



1. We use Auxiliary Verbs to make a sentence Negative of Interrogative. So, To make a tag question we use Auxiliary Verbs . They are different in different tenses.

Tense - Auxiliary Verbs

Present Indefinite - Do/Does / don’t  /doesn’t

Past Indefinite - Did / didn’t

Future Indefinite - Shall/ Will / shan’t / won’t

Present Continuous - Am/ Is/ Are / aren’t  / isn’t

Past Continuous - Was/ Were / wasn’t  / weren’t

Future Continuous - Shall /  Will shan’t / won’t

Present Perfect - Have/ Has / haven’t  / hasn’t

Present Perfect - Had / hadn’t

Future Perfect - Shall / Will / shan’t  / won’t

2. We also use Modal Verbs as Auxiliary verbs. Some Modal Verbs are can, could, will, would, shall, should, need to, ought to, dare to,  etc.

3. Always a question is formed with the help of Auxiliary Verb. If the sentence is affirmative, Tag question is negative.

- I know nothing about this, do I?  (Present tense and negative so tag question is affirmative)

- You studied hard, didn’t you? (Past tense and affirmative, so tag question is negative)

4. We say ‘let us’ to express proposal but say let me, let him, let them to express request.

- Let us /Let’s do the work, shall we?  [Proposal]

- but, Let me /Let him /Let them do the work, will you? [Request]

5. When main verb is Have, Has, Need, you should use do/does as auxiliary verb in present tense and did in Past Tense.

- He has some books, doesn’t he?    (Has is the main verb in present tense) 

but, He has finished the task, hasn’t he?  (Has is the auxiliary verb in present perfect tense)

- He had some books, didn’t he?   (Had is the main verb in past tense)

but, He had finished the task, hadn’t he?  (Had is the auxiliary verb in past perfect tense)

- I need a pencil to write with, don’t I? (Need is the main verb)

- I need to wait for an hour, needn’t you? (Need is auxiliary verb)

6. If subject is plural, the pronoun of subject is always ‘They’

- The books are very interesting, aren’t  they?

7. When Subject is nobody, everybody, none, everyone, the pronoun can be ‘Anybody’ or  ‘They’

- Nobody loves a liar, do they?/ does anybody?

8. The words ‘seldom, rare, hardly, few, little, scarcely, no sooner are negative.  Then question tag should be affirmative.

There is no alternative to practice. So practice the following sentences yourselves. Please don’t forget to write a comment here. You may ask any question you want to know.

Tag question exercise

1.    Nothing is impossible.   ——–?

2.    I think everybody knows it. ——–?

3.    The idle always lag behind.  ——–?

4.    Let’s motivate them. ——–?

5.    Motivation seldom goes in vain. ——–?

6.    Congratulations, you have made an excellent result. . ——–?

7.    Thanks. But my parents and teachers also deserve the credit. ----?

8.    We ought to remain grateful them. ——–?

9.    You studied hard. ——–?

10.   It is our duty to study in a disciplined way. ——–?

11. Let us start our journey.  ——–?

12.  They used to play football in the afternoon. ——–?

13. Nobody should laugh at the blind.  ——–?

14. There is nothing for her to eat. ——–?

15.  Mina had better to stay at home. ——–?

16.  You aren’t doing the work. ——–?

17.  Somebody left there house yesterday. ——–?

18. What a beautiful day it is. ——–?

19.  A cat catches a mouse. ——–?

20. Bangladesh is our motherland. ——–?

21.  Something is burning. ——–?

22.  Rahim as well as his friends was present. ——–?

23.  He did it. ——–?

24.  I know nothing about him. ——–?

25.  Let’s arrange a class party. ——–?

26. The moon shines at night. ——–?

27.  Everybody loves flower. ——–?

28.  Nothing can satisfy him. ——–?

29.  He has few reasons for waiting. ——–?

30.  That was my pen. ——–?

31.  Nobody believes a liar. ——–?

32.  We have to study English. ——–?

33.  Let her solve the matter. ——–?

34. You had better leave now. ——–?

35.  We ought to love our motherland. ——–?

36.  Look at this paper. ——–?

37.  Let’s phone. ——–?

38.  It is a beautiful afternoon. ——–?

39.  Let’s go out for a walk. ——–?

40.  The police arrested him. ——–?

41.   Both are responsible. ——–?

42.  Let’s take an oath today. ——–?

43.  This is the right way to do it.——–?

44.  Life is very busy in the big cities. ——–?

45. We needed a change in thoughts. ——–?

46.  Let us make them realize it. ——–?

47. Man is a social being. ——–?

48.  He cannot live alone. ——–?

49.  It is man who pollutes his environment. ——–?

50.  Every mother loves her child. ——–?

51.  Don’t forget me.——–?

52. My father and I are happy. ——–?

53.  Men should not tell a lie.——–?

54.   We live in Bangladesh. ——–?

55.   The weather was fine yesterday. ——–?

Answer of Tag questions

 01. Nothing is impossible, is it?

02. I think everybody knows it, don’t they?

03. The idle always lag behind, don’t they?

04. Let’s motivate them, shall we?

05. Motivation seldom goes in vain, does it?

06. Congratulations, you have made an excellent result, haven’t you?

07. Thanks. But my parents and teachers also deserve the credit, don’t they?

08. We ought to remain grateful them, oughtn’t we?

09. You too studied hard, didn’t you?

10. It is our duty to study in a disciplined way, isn’t it?

11. Let us start our journey, shall we?

12. They used to play football in the afternoon, didn’t they?

13. Nobody should laugh at the blind.  Should they?

14. There is nothing for her to eat, is there?

15. Mina had better to stay at home, hadn’t she?

16. You aren’t doing the work, are you?

17. Somebody left their house yesterday, didn’t they?

18. What a beautiful day it is, isn’t it?

19. A cat catches a mouse, doesn’t it?

20. Bangladesh is our motherland, isn’t she?

21. Something is burning, aren’t they?

22. Rahim as well as his friends was present, wasn’t he?

23. He did it, didn’t he?

24. I know nothing about him, do I?

25. Let’s arrange a class party, shall we?

26. The moon shines at night, isn’t it?

27. Everybody loves flower, don’t they?

28. Nothing can satisfy him, can it?

29. He has few reasons for waiting, hasn’t he?

30. That was my pen, wasn’t it/ that?

31. Nobody believes a liar, do they?

32. We have to study English, haven’t we?

33. Let her solve the matter, will you?

34. You had better leave now, hadn’t you?

35. We ought to love our motherland, oughtn’t we?

36. Look at this paper, will you?

37. Let’s phone, shall we?

38. It is a beautiful afternoon, isn’t it?

39. Let’s go out for a walk, shall we?

40. The police arrested him, didn’t they?

41. Both are responsible, aren’t they?

42. Let’s take an oath today, shall we?

43. This is the right way to do it, isn’t this?

44. Life is very busy in the big cities, isn’t it?

45. We needed a change in thoughts, didn’t we?

46. Let us make them realize it, shall we?

47. Man is a social being, isn’t he?

48. He cannot live alone, can he?

49. It is man, who pollutes his environment, isn’t it?

50. Every mother loves her child, don’t they?

51. Don’t forget me, will you?

52. My father and I are happy, aren’t we?

53. Men should not tell a lie, should they?

54. We live in Bangladesh, don’t we?

55. The weather was fine yesterday, wasn’t it?

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Important Questions for DU LLB 2019 : Lok Sabha - 1

Posted By: Admin on 29 APR 2019

Important Questions from polity Based on Lok Sabha

  • Representation of union territories in Lok sabha  are chosen by
    • Ans. Direct election
  • What is the minimum age to become a member of Lok Sabha ?
    • Ans. 25 years
  • Number of members in Lok sabha from state is
    • Ans. 530
  • The maximum number of members of Lok sabha has been fixed by constitution of India
    • Ans. 552
  • Number of members in Lok sabha from union Territories is
    • Ans. 20
  • Number of members in Lok sabha from Anglo Indian Community is
    • Ans. 2
  • How many members of the Lok sabha must support a motion of “No confidence “ in the govt, before it can be admitted by the speaker ?
    • Ans. 50
  • To be officially recognised by the speaker of Lok sabha as an Opposition Group, a party or coalition of parties must have at least
    • Ans. 50 members
  • The term of Lok sabha from the date of its first meeting is
    • Ans. 5 years
  • The maximum possible gap between two sessions of Loksabha (parliament ) is
    • Ans. 6 months
  • A non member of parliament can be minister for a maximum period of
    • Ans. 6 months
  • During the proclamation of emergency is in operation the term of Lok sabha may be extended at a time for a period not excedding
    • Ans. 1 year
  • A money bill passed by the Lok sabha is deemd to have been passed by the Rajya sabha also when no action is taken by the upper house within
    • Ans. 14 days
  • A member of Loksabha (parliament) Will lose his membership of parliament if he is continuously absent from session for
    • Ans. 60 days
  • How many times was  term of Lok Sabha extended up to 6 years ?
    • Ans. Once
  • How many sessions are held in a year in Lok sabha
    • Ans. 3
  • What is the quoram to constitute a sitting of the Lok sabha
    • Ans. 1/10 of the total number of the house under article 100(3) of the constitution
  • The opposition party status is accorded to a political party in the Lok sabha only if it captures at least
    • Ans. 10 % seats
  • The maximum number of Public Accounts Committee can be
    • Ans. 22
  • The provision of the join sitting of the Lok Sabha & Rajya Sabha under president is provided by the article of
    • Ans. 108
  • When does Lok Sabha election candidate forfeit his security deposit
    • Ans. When he fails to secure even 1/6 of total votes polled
  • When was zero hour introduced in the parliamentary affairs in India?
    • Ans. 1962
  • The first mid term elections for Lok sabha were held in
    • Ans. 1971
  • The allocation of seat in the present Lok sabha is based on which census ?
    • Ans. 1971 (Article-82)
  • The statewise allocation of seats in Lok sabha is based on the 1971 census , upto which year does this remain intact ?
    • Ans. 2026
  • When was the first session of lok sabha held
    • Ans. 13th may , 1952
  • When was the Lok Sabha (the house of people) first constituted ?
    • Ans. 17 April 1952 after the first general elections from 25 October 1951 to 21 Feb 1952
  • The first no confidence motion moved in the Lok sabha after independence was in the year
    • Ans. 1963
  • Which state of India has highest number of Lok sbha constituencies
    • Ans. UP
  • Which state has the largest number of seats reserved for ST in Lok sabha
    • Ans. MP
  • Which states has the largest percentage of reserved parliamentary seats ?
    • Ans. UP
  • Which states elect only one member of Lok sabha ?
    • Ans. Sikkim
  • Which one is the largest Lok sabha constituency ?
    • Ans. laddakh
  • What is Zero hour in parliament
    • Ans. When matters of utmost importance are raised
  • Which innovative discussion process is introduced by the  Loksabha (Indian parliament) to the world Parliamentary system ?
    • Ans. Zero hour
  • The time immediately following the question Hour has come to be known as
    • Ans. Zero Hour
  • “Zero Hour” in political jargon refers to
    • Ans. Question -Answer 
  • What could be the maximum time limit of “Zero hour” in the Lok sabha ?
    • Ans. 1 hour


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