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Practice Set 1 - Idioms and Phrases

Directions (1-15): In each of the questions, four alternatives are given for the Phrase. Choose the alternative which best expresses the meaning of the Phrase and click the button corresponding to it.

Q1. Fend off

(a) Accomplish

(b) Prevent

(c) Anticipate

(d) Get tough on

Q2. Carve out

(a) Create

(b) Overrule

(c) Assist

(d) Require

Q3. Choke off

(a) Terminate

(b) Overcome

(c) Confront

(d) Extend

Q4. Fall out

(a) Conclude

(b) Quarrel; argue

(c) Intend

(d) Cancel

Q5. Dole out

(a) Allocate

(b) Be effective

(c) Turn up

(d) Mismanage

Q6. Block off

(a) Rise

(b) Barricade

(c) Soar

(d) Resort to

Q7. Take off

(a) Succeed

(b) Stand down

(c) Elucidate

(d) Attack

Q8. Ramp up

(a) Obstruct

(b) Increase or Cause to increase

(c) Demand

(d) To walk on a path

Q9. Lay in

(a) Suppress

(b) Proceed

(c) Preserve

(d) Ignore

Q10. Lay down

(a) Pass easily

(b) Stipulate

(c) Refresh

(d) Adapt

Q11. Cash in on

(a) Exploit

(b) Clarify

(c) Surge

(d) To count cash

Q12. Do in

(a) Abolish

(b) Kill

(c) To laugh a lot

(d) Decrease

Q13. Sleep through

(a) Not wake up

(b) Think about something

(c) Criticize heavily

(d) To get ill

Q14. Sneak out

(a) Depart furtively

(b) Entangle

(c) Weaken

(d) Resolve a problem

Q15. Spring on

(a) Pay back a debt

(b) Accumulate

(c) Surprise someone

(d) Make something neat and tidy

1. Ans.(b), 2. Ans.(a), 3. Ans.(a), 4. Ans.(b), 5. Ans.(a), 6. Ans.(b), 7. Ans.(a), 8. Ans.(b), 9. Ans.(c), 10. Ans.(b), 11. Ans.(a), 12. Ans.(b), 13. Ans.(a), 14. Ans.(a), 15. Ans.(c)

Posted on: 09 JUN 2019

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