Important for DU LLB Entrance 2019 - Part 3

Useful questions based on Polity (Indian Parliament)

  • The committee of parliament on Official language comprises the members
    • Ans. 20 from Lok sabha and 1 from Rajya sabha
  • Which standing committees of parliament has not MP from Rajya Sabha ?
    • Ans. Estimate committee
  • Name the parliamentary Committee which scrutinizes the report of the Comptroller and Auditor General of India is …
    • Ans. Estimate committee
  • Which is the largest committee of the parliament ?
    • Ans. Estimate committee
  • Which Parliamentary Committees in India acts as ‘watch –dog’ on departmental expenditure  and irregularities ?
    • Ans. Public Accounts Committee
  • Public Accounts Committee is chaired by
    • Ans. Member of opposition
  • Committee on Public is chaired by
    • Ans. Lok sabha member
  • Which house is better placed with regard to control over the executive ?
    • Ans. Lok sabha
  • Propagation of the house means :
    • Ans. The house itself stands terminated
  • Who may belong to the Rajya sabha but can speak in both the Lok sabha and the Rajya sbha  ?
    • Ans. Ministers who are members of the Rajya sabha
  • Distribution of seats of the parliament are based on which census ?
    • Ans. 1971
  • The first no confidence motion moved in the Lok sabha after independence was in the year ?
    • Ans. 1963
  • Where is the first Parliamentary form of Governor was formed
    • Ans. Britain
  • How long can a person remain a minister in India without being Parliament ?
    • Ans. 6 months

Posted on: 20 APR 2019

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